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Customized Services

Immobilisation of antibodies or antigens on microwell plates
Different types of microwell plate (whether complete plates with 96 wells, strips with 8, 12 or 16 wells or breakable plates) can be coated with immunoglobulins or antigens, according to the procedure chosen by the customer. On request, the coating method can be optimised. The solid phases are packed in a foil lined pouch together with a desiccant bag. Labeling can be adapted according to the specifications of the customer. The cost depends on the type of microwell plate, the coating procedure and the number of plates ordered, and will be quoted in the appropriate offer.

Immunoglobulin purification
Purification techniques available include ion-exchange chromatography, gel filtration, chromatography on Protein A or Protein G, hydroxyapatite or thiophilic adsorbents, and immunoaffinity chromatography. The procedure(s) employed depend(s) on the antibody class, on its source (monoclonal or polyclonal; host animal) and on the purity required for the intended use. The most suitable method for purification is determined in discussion with the customer. The cost depends on the amount and type of the starting material to be processed and on the purification scheme, and will be quoted in our specific offer.

Conjugation of antibodies
Conjugation with horse radish peroxidase (HRP): Conjugates can be synthesized using the enzyme activated by NaIO 4 or Maleimide. Following conjugation, the preparation is purified chromatographically to remove both free enzyme and antibody.

Conjugation with biotin: This conjugation method involves the use of biotin, activated via a spacer molecule with N-hydroxysuccinimide. The approach utilizes NH 2 -groups of the antibody to form a stable amide bond. Other methods can be applied on request. The molar ratio of antibody/biotin is routinely 1/10 but can be adapted to meet the specifications of the customer. Free biotin will be removed after conjugation.

All preparations will be delivered in liquid form, in a buffer formulation chosen by the customer. For enzyme conjugates, we will suggest our proprietary media, optimised with regard to their stabilising effect on both enzymatic and immunological activity. A data sheet is enclosed with each product, detailing all relevant specifications.

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